Pre-writing Guideline For Writing A Research Paper Outline

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Pre-writing Guideline For Writing A Research Paper Outline

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With the advancements in our education systems, students have to write at least one research paper each passing term. A well-researched and excellently written research paper is far more advantageous to the student. This not only helps improve their grades but also increases their reputation in the scholarly world by showing authoritativeness, accuracy, and comprehension in a certain field.

A research paper outline refers to a point-by-point plan that writers often use to guide their writing process. It helps to maintain focus on the topic as well as finish your paper on time and in the correct format.

However, before coming up with a working outline, you will have to follow a set of pre-writing activities. These include:

Choosing a good topic – this is one of the very first steps that you have to take. Whether you have to develop your topic or not, it is a crucial step in determining the success of your research content. A topic could either make or break your paper’s readership. Find reliable help and use an interesting angle at to make it more appealing and captivating for readers.

Evaluate your argument – here, you need to figure out what kind of argument you will be supporting. This forms a critical basis for your paper and is key to making your thesis statement. Think about the likelihood of the argument to provoke further discussion and chances of it to have an interesting twist towards changing the world and the way that we do things. Afterward, you will be almost ready to start working on your outline.

Know your target audience – identifying your readership early is fundamental in shaping your paper appropriately. This helps to narrow down on the appropriate language to use that might lead to critical decisions such as whether to use jargon-free language or not. Defining your audience will help you write from their perspective and will enable you to match their interests within your paper. This step is critical in defining a good outline that will rhyme well with your readers.

Doing research – the main purpose of writing a research paper is to show your understanding of a certain topic of interest. To show mastery in this field, you will have to investigate and interrogate lots of resources and other previously done works as well. This way, you will be able to find supportive evidence as well as discover innovative perspectives for your thesis statement. Thoroughly consider the kind of expected output and results to measure if the paper will hold water or not before embarking on composing an outline.

Referencing your work – have you ever heard that iron sharpens iron? Well, researchers have their version and continually build on previously done work. Someone once noted that there is nothing new under the sun anymore and that all innovations today are customized upgrades of already invented works. Back to your research paper, you are most likely aiming to find evidence to support your thesis statement. To defend your credibility, you will need to provide readers with a list of references to show that your work is relevant.