What Can I Write in a Research Paper on Google Maps

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What Can I Write in a Research Paper on Google Maps

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Google Maps is a complex program. Most people know it for its ability to locate places, see them on the map, and get them from point A to B. However, Google Maps is a useful application that does these things and more. Before you write a boring research paper, consider these interesting Google Maps topics that you can write about.

  1. How Google Maps Can Be Used to Aggregate Data- Google Maps can be used alongside other Google applications to create a map for any type of data. Explore this.
  2. Google Maps Accuracy- Consider how accurate Google Maps is and if there are any accounts of it being inaccurate.
  3. Google Maps Lawsuits- Are there any ongoing lawsuits against Google for this program? Why?
  4. Google Maps and Privacy- Google Maps shows you a real view of the location you are searching, often taken at a previous time. Do you see this as an invasion of privacy? Discuss your opinion.
  5. Google Maps and Live Road Updates- How these programs get you from point A to point B more efficiently?
  6. Google Maps Privacy Policies- Does information collected or aggregated for your research paper require you to obtain special permission for use? Consider the requirements based on the country you live in and if there is a special allowance for educational purposes.
  7. Weird Things on Google Maps- Research all the strange things that the cameras from Google Maps has captured as it takes pictures of different locations.
  8. What Can You Find on Google Maps?- Discuss what types of data can be viewed directly on Google Maps, including altitude, location, and more.
  9. How Can You Use Google Map Data in a School Assignment?- Discuss how the data of Google Maps may be applied to different fields of study or topics that this type of data can help with.
  10. A Comparison of Google Maps vs. Other Map-Making Software- Select a collection of data to create a map and legend with. Use Google Maps and at least one (or several) other programs and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Students may be confused when they hear that they must write about Google Maps. However, Google Maps is a complex program that can do a lot. Explore one of its many uses and research what you can really do with it. What you find may surprise you.